CUGtech – 20th anniversary 2021

Dear All CUG Norway we hope you and your loved ones still are all doing fine even though this has been a very special and difficult year. 

Like all others, CUG Norway has been affected by COVID-19 with restrictions and action implemented by the Norwegian Government and other countries’ authorities. 

But this is the far strangest and most challenging year through the almost 20 years Citrix User Group has existed! Who could have foreseen or imagined a year without a single professional gathering…
First, CUGtech Spring went in the sink after everything was ready and the registrations flowed in, then the board turned around and turned their eyes to CUGtech Autumn…Speakers were booked and Color Fantasy was ready to receive us and we were all ready for the boat trip. Then came the holiday wave with Covid-19 and we had to cancel without even having had the chance to open for registration…
In August, we thought that we then could prepare and run a 1-day CUGtech in October / November – with at least Norwegian speakers. We thought we then could follow NIPH’s (Norwegian Institute of Public Health) guidelines, and we sent out a survey to all our members on who thought they could physically attend at such an event. But we did not dare to go ahead with the plans when we had to decide “go or no go” in September…
We on the board have worked steadily with the planning, this year but to no avail. Many of you have told us along the way that you miss the professional conversations and their good network. Being able to meet and have 2-3 days of professional replenishment and social interaction with known and unknown friends. It does not seem to be quite the same to sit alone in front of a PC screen and follow professional updates, even though many say this is the future.
We on the board still believe that the core and strength of CUG Norway lies in meeting for a joint family reunion in an arena like CUGtech.

So at least for the CUG Norway calendar, we are deleting the year 2020….and look forward to 2021 which is the year we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary!! 

With the uncertainty ahead over the length of the restrictions and actions – we have now taken precautious action and are thrilled and looking forward welcoming you and the Norwegian CUG family to a fabulous CUGtech 20-year Anniversary event in Fredrikstad on October 25th-27th 2021 – Save the date! 

We are planning a large-scale gathering both professionally and socially under CUGtech, because in the good spirit of CUG Norway, we deserve it!! Just wait and see, we will be back even stronger in 2021! 

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