CUGtech Spring 2020

Oddvar Moe kommer

Oddvar er en Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, sikkerhetsforsker, blogger, kursholder, Red teamer(Avansert trussel simulering), foredragsholder og jobber hos TrustedSec i USA som en Senior sikkerhets konsulent hvor arbeidsdagen går ut på å teste sikkerheten til forskjellige store (Fortune 500)...

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Patick Coble is back

Patrick has been working in IT for 22 years and as a consultant for over 12 years. Patrick has been awarded the Citrix CTP and VMware vExpert designations based on his experience in Security, VDI solutions and his community...

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Michael Gustafsson is ready

Michael personifies the paradigm shift in the current IT space, with a passionate hatred for passwords and legacy systems he has dedicated his work on automating and enabling modern forms work and authentication, consolidating access infrastructures to provide a...

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