Snorre Hansen

In the recent years at Citrix I have worked solely with Citrix Networking. This includes Citrix Netscaler, Access Gateway (SSL) and Branch Repeater (WAN Optimization). In my current position I am working as an Lead Systems Engineer having a technical focus on how the customers can consolidate many of the functions it needs to be able to deliver centralized applications and desktops as an end to end delivery.

The Netscaler is the worlds most advanced ADC platform that consolidates more than 2000 features. This includes advanced load balancing, content switching, ssl offloading, Application firewall, GSLB, Application cache etc. My work is primarly to show how these great products can reduce complexity and reduce cost when building up an modern data center. This includes the need to provide both high availability as well as scalability.

The Netscaler is offering state of the art virtualized instanses (SDX) to accomodate a modern Service defined networks (SDN) to support the virtualization of services at the Data Center. Combining this with Citrix mobilty gives you the best of breath solution to deliver any application to any device.

As an trusted advisor I explains how Citrix can deliver a complete end to end solution for virtualization of services from both enterprise and the cloud. Giving the customer a way to deliver their services to any device including the ability to sandbox application delivery and to transform the enterprise to act as their own app-store for native delivery of applications on both Android and IOS devices.

Coming from a network background and working with many Cisco networking products over the years have given me a strong foundation of how to design a modern datacenter. This has proven to be crucial when talking about how to provide a secure design with the use of virtualization and consolidation of critical functions