Remko Weijnen

Remko Weijnen is an EUC Specialist for Amazon with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry.
He is a Virtualization Expert, Citrix CTP and one of the great Grandfathers at E2EVC.
In the last 17 years he has become a true specialist in End User Computing, Application and Desktop Delivery,
Security and Reverse Engineering.
With his developer background Remko has a unique knowledge of windows and application internals that he uses to get applications
to work well in virtual environments without sacrificing security.
Remko shares this unique knowledge thru his well-known blog, presentations at community events such as E2EVC, the Dutch Citrix User Group 
and international Citrix User Groups. On his website, Remko publishes a lot of VDI/SBC and virtualization related freeware,
tools and scripts that assist consultants and administrators. 
Remko is also co-founder and steering group member of the Dutch Citrix User Group.

Remko is a technically oriented person who has a burning passion for security.