15 years!!

We are happy to announce our 15th anniversary event – CUGtech Spring 2016. This upcoming event will take place at a new location  – Strömstad Spa – which actually is located in Sweden. We wanted to go somewhere special and also try out a new location for our spring event. We have a few requirements when we pick locations. The most important one is to find a place where our attendees can’t run back home or at work. We want everyone to socialize and build their network.

Citrix User Group Norway was founded in 2001, and since then we have had 2 annual conferences. During this period of 15 years means we’ve made a lot of conferences!! Last count (from 2005) shows we’ve had 81 different speakers at our stage, and amongst them YOU have chosen who should come celebrate with us.

Take a good look at the agenda and at the speakers list. We know you will find something interesting for you.

18 Speakers
200 Tickets


  • 12:00 - 17:00
    Ole Kristian Lona_280x280

    XenApp / XenDesktop / Xenmobile - Best Practice from Citrix Consulting Services

    Hosted by Ole Kristian Lona. Minimum 5 participants

    Ole Kristian Lona_280x280

    Ole Kristian Lona

  • 12:00 - 17:00

    Nvidia GPU virtualization in a Citrix environment

    Hosted by Jason Southern. Minimum 5 participants


    Jason Southern

  • 12:00 - 17:00

    RES MasterClass

    -POC Setup (3 timer) Vi gjennomgår automatisert POC setup, ideelt for deg som ønsker å raskt gjennomføre en POC i egen LAB eller i kunde LAB. I løpet av 30 minutter har du et mer eller mindre komplett grunnoppsett, ikke bare for RES One Workspace, men også ONE Automation og ONE ServiceStore. -RES beste praksiser (1,5 timer) Vi gjennomgår de vesentligste beste praksiser for One Workspace, med fokus på Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop og management av laptops. -RES ONE use caser Vi gjennomgår og diskuterer noen av de mest sentale use cases for RES sammen med Citrix. Etter denne MasterClass bør du være i stand til å gjennomføre en teknisk implementering av RES ONE i et «isolert» LAB miljø, samt se klart hvor RES styrker både Citrix og generell Microsoft plattform. Hosted by Frode Kipperberg (Minimum 5 participants).


    Frode Kipperberg





Doug Brown



CUG Norway

Shawn Bass_280x280

Shawn Bass


Strömstad Spa

  • Kebalvägen 229 45240 Strömstad , Sweden

    Read more about the hotel.

    Ferry from Sandefjord - Strömstad with Color Line.

    From Oslo Airport, Gardermoen
    Flytoget (airport train) to Oslo Central Station. Bus or train to Strömstad station.
  • +47 91116476
  • konferanse@cug.no

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Ole Kristian Lona

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Hilde S Kristensen

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Kari Ludvigsen


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Mikael Modin


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